Fatima will NOT be in session Friday, April 19 and Monday, April 22. The last day of school will now be Tuesday, May 21 with an 11:20 Dismissal.
Just in time for the Holidays.  Get Microsoft Office 2013 at no cost!

The Osage R-3 School District has a licensing agreement with Microsoft. This includes the added benefit of being able to provide, at no cost, rights for all students and teachers to install the same Microsoft Office suite of applications used at school on up to (5) personal computers (desktops and notebooks).   In addition, (5) additional licenses are available for use on tablets and other portable devices including Apple iPhone/iPad and Android based devices.   Full details concerning usage rights provided under this agreement can be found at the following website:

The following applications are included:

What do I need?
You need a computer or device capable of running the Office suite or apps.  A computer running Windows 7 or higher is recommended.
A high-speed Internet connection (required to install and authenticate the Office installation on a regular basis)  You must be connected to the Internet at least once a month to refresh the activation of the software.  Installation also requires a sizable download, so keep that in mind if your usage is restricted.

How do I get it?
Send an email with your request for Microsoft Office to itstaff@fatimacomets.org with the following information:

Student Full Name
Student's personal login ID used at school for accessing the computer (typically the year of graduation and three initials)... NO PASSWORD REQUIRED
An email address of a parent or student to send initial login information too.

Once processed, you will receive an email from Microsoft with your inital login information which will look like an email address with the student's loginID@fatimacomets.org and a temporary password. A link will also be included in the message which will lead you to the login page to signup and begin the Office installation process.  Currently that address is: https://login.microsoftonline.com.

Does the school provide any assistance in installing Office on my personal computer(s)?
No, The extent of support provided by the school district is limited to login issues and access to the Microsoft Office Portal for the installation and management of your Office installations.   No other forms of support or warranties are available.   The district is not responsible for any damages caused by the installation of the Office Suite through this portal.

What happens when I graduate or my child no longer attends Fatima?
During occasional audits, when a student no longer attends Fatima, they will be disabled or removed and will no longer be able to authenticate their copy of Office.  They will need to purchase a subscription or attend another institution that participates in the same program.   Any cloud based storage used will only be available for retrieval by the district for 60 days.   The user should download all such data to an accessible location prior to leaving the institution.   The Office suite's cloud features are all user-based and will NOT be transferable to any other account.