Graduation is at 7:30 PM Sunday, May 12. The last day of school for K-11 is Tuesday, May 21 with an 11:20 Dismissal.

High School Faculty and Staff

Listed below are Fatima High School and Junior High faculty and staff. The phone number is (573) 455-2375.

Name Title Extension E-Mail
Jeff Buthod Principal 111
Mitch Gier Assistant Principal 109
Donna Mueller High School Counselor 118
Merci McKinney Junior High Counselor 119
Judy Eichholz High School Secretary 113
Jill Peters High School Secretary 114
Kallie Helton Counselor's Secretary 115
Jeff Adamson Special Services 201
Matt Baker English Teacher 259
JoAnna Baughman English Teacher 234
Sharon Breese High School Librarian 146
Marc Bridges Science Teacher 205
Casey Bruce Math Teacher 206
Andrea Brune Business Teacher 246
Kary Brunnert English Teacher 204
Alicia Corson-Peters Agriculture Teacher, FFA Advisor 171/208
Breylee Evers Science Teacher 207
Hunter Gomez History Teacher 258
Sharryn Hawkes Junior High Art Teacher 226
Charlotte Heckemeyer Business Teacher 215
Stephanie Hoffmann Special Services 217
Scott Kilgore PE Teacher 223
Stephanie Laux STRIVE (gifted) Teacher 248
Ryan Lewis Band/Choir Teacher 192
Erica Libbert FACS Teacher 229
Haley Luebbering Math Teacher 221
Kim Luebbert Math Teacher 230
Levi Maxwell History Teacher 231
Sophie Pardalos History Teacher 214
Albert Rieke Agriculture Teacher, FFA Advisor 171/237
Kathy Rolwes English Teacher 239
Jordan Schaffer Special Services 243
Dana Scheppers PE Teacher 180/244
Melanie Snodgrass English Teacher 260
Becky Steffen Math Teacher 249
Debbie Stegeman Spanish Teacher 250
Kris Stegeman Math Teacher 251
Kurt Strope Science Teacher 252
Kim Temmen ISS/Study Skills Teacher 254/177
Veit, Rachel Special Services PE Teacher 256
Sonya Walker Art Teacher 257
Ethan Williams PE/Science Teacher 222
Nicole Wolfe Concert Choir/JH Music Teacher 232